Why DHL Express is one of the world’s best places to work

DHL Express paid each employee around the world a one-off bonus of 300 euros for their remarkable efforts during the pandemic.

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DHL Express, the world’s leading international express service provider, has been recognised as the second best place to work of all examined companies around the world.

In its 2020 employer rankings, Great Place to Work® and Fortune recognised the extensive investments and implementations of various initiatives to create a positive, motivating and appreciative working atmosphere in more than 220 countries and territories.

Every year, Great Place to Work®, a global people analytics and consulting firm, assesses the work experience of employees through their certification programme. In 2020, more than 10,000 organisations participated in the survey process, representing the voices of 10.2 million employees in 92 countries.

DHL Express annually invests a double-digit million euros amount in its employees around the world. The company runs various HR initiatives to continuously improve the working conditions of its teams: be it “DHL4her,” a programme dedicated to supporting and developing women, DHL’s Got Heart which enables DHL to support the causes that its people are passionate about outside of work, or CIS, the ‘Certified International Specialist’ learning programme which offers various curriculums, equipping DHL Express employees with the knowledge that they need to be motivated to deliver the best quality service for customers each day.

Due to the remarkable efforts of the DHL staff during the Covid-19 pandemic, the company paid each employee around the world a one-off bonus of 300 euros and branded a Boeing 757 cargo aircraft with the words “Thank You” and a rainbow, expressing appreciation to all essential workers whilst flying cargo routes across Europe.

“The pandemic has tested frontline companies like DHL Express like never before and we’re proud that our employees have risen to the challenge. Despite the pandemic still affecting our lives, and the safety of our employees remaining a top priority, they insist on being part of the solution to support communities and bolster global trade”, says John Pearson, CEO of DHL Express.

“This spirit is the result of our culture of recognition and is a key driver for our outstanding employee satisfaction. I’m very proud of our initiatives that foster the compassion, courage, and commitment of our teams. People are at the heart of our company. That was true for the time before COVID, it is true now, and will be true in the future.”

“Congratulations to DHL Express, perhaps the most global company in the world. DHL delivered to millions of customers every day in 2020 during the most difficult circumstances faced by society since World War 2. Their people wore masks and drove, walked, flew, hiked, bicycled, and whatever it took to safely deliver what customers needed in every corner of the globe. Millions of lives depended on DHL and their great people kept the earth safely spinning. These logistical first responders are fueled by a high-trust ‘for all’ culture. These are passion-fueled people led by purpose-driven leaders who serve their people so they can serve their customers. Every day they accept the challenge of delighting customers, caring for every employee, globally redefining diversity, and inclusion, and decreasing their impact on the environment, while improving every community in which they operate. Simply put, DHL’s got heart and the world is better because of it. Congratulations!” said Great Place to Work’s CEO, Michael Bush.

DHL Express ranked number two on the list of World’s Best Workplaces 2020, improving from its position of fourth best workplace in the world in 2019. DHL Express saw itself on 42 national best workplaces lists, with an additional 17 countries achieving certification status.

“It is our purpose to connect people and improve lives. This applies to our customers and our employees. We strive to live a culture where people enjoy coming to work and feel part of a greater team every day”, says Regine Buettner, EVP for HR at DHL Express. “It all started with the simple idea of motivating people but has turned into a unique selling point. We are incredibly proud to see that the strategy has developed in such a way and that our efforts are honoured in more and more countries across the world.”

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