DHL ups capacity in response to Asia demand

On the back of the ongoing global economic recovery DHL is taking measures to boost air freight capacity in its freight forwarding division to cater to increasing airfreight demand from Asia. Donald Urquhart reports.

The global express and logistics group said recently that it has enlarged its airfreight network that spans Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and the Americas by adding additional consolidation services into Middle East and Africa and increasing the number of gateways. Additional measures have also been taken to enhance block space and part charter agreements with commercial passenger and pure cargo carriers.

“Demand for airfreight was the first to turn up amid the global economic recovery, driven by businesses restocking their inventories. Airfreight has risen back to levels before the economic crisis. On top of it, full ships and shortage of containers out of Asia forced some shippers to switch part of their goods from ocean- to airfreight,” explained Charles Kaufmann, CEO North Asia & senior VP, Air Freight, North Asia Pacific, DHL Global Forwarding. Kaufmann was sharing these insights at the 7th ChinaAir Cargo Summit held in Beijing.

“Based on our outlook for the year, we’re taking the necessary measures to bolster our airfreight capacity – increasing the number of block space agreements on commercial carriers and maintaining strong collaboration with Chinese national carriers,” added Kelvin Leung, CEO, DHL Global Forwarding North Asia Pacific.

“Trade lanes from Asia have seen a strong rebound in exports. Freight volume rose by 95 per cent in January and has now recovered to pre-crisis levels. As the world’s second-largest economy, China will fuel the airfreight growth, with freight volumes carried by Chinese airlines expected to see doubledigit growth this year.”