DHL survey finds companies in Asia Pacific place more importance on green transport than other regions

75% of survey respondents in Asia Pacific believe electric vehicles will have a significant impact on transport in the next two years.



Two trends will have a significant impact on transport in Asia Pacific — the rise of e-commerce, seen as a trend of significant impact in 3-5 years by 78% of Asia Pacific respondents compared with 69% globally, and the increasing urbanization of populations, deemed by 71% of Asia Pacific respondents to be key in 1-2 years, versus 61% globally. Combined, these will see ever-greater demands on supply chain service providers to manage increasing congestion and pollution, while simultaneously satisfying consumers’ service requirements.


To counteract these challenges, DHL has been investing ahead of the curve in order to serve customers better. Some examples of these investments include Transport Management Centers that provide more real-time information to improve resource optimization and end-to-end visibility for customers, as well as the opening of a Global Solutions Design Center in 2017 to better support teams of Regional Solutions Designers around the world.