FedEx helps businesses tap peak season prospects

Increasing cross-border shopping makes peak holiday shipping season a gift for e-tailers and small- and medium-enterprises in Asia Pacific

FedEx Karen Reddington

FedEx is again expecting to see a record number of packages, between 380-400 million packages over the season, shipped through its global network over the upcoming peak holiday shopping season.


The growth of cross-border e-commerce, where consumers shop and ship from e-tailors outside their home country, is turning the peak shipping season into a truly global phenomenon. For instance, 37% of purchases made on Singles Day in China on November 11 – which itself sits very close to peak season – were from international brands or merchants 1. Cross-border shopping will make up 20% of e-commerce sales by 2022, led by Asia Pacific which will be the largest cross-border e-commerce region for both imports and exports 2.


The peak season brings enormous opportunities to e-tailers, especially small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which rely on cross-border shopping to reach a bigger, international, customer base. FedEx helps e-tailers make the most out of the peak season by simplifying shipping processes for businesses and enhancing the shopping experience for end-customers.


“While an online purchase is as easy as just a few clicks, logistics providers like FedEx are working hard behind the scenes powering every moment in an e-commerce shopping experience,” said Karen Reddington, president, FedEx Express Asia Pacific. “Our business is the backbone of the e-commerce market. As an engine supporting the e-commerce value chain, the end-to- end services portfolio we offer is a fundamental ingredient to our customers’ business success.”


FedEx is at the forefront of supporting the millions of businesses in the e-commerce ecosystem, empowering every process in the value chain, from the pre-purchase stage when end customers place items in the shopping carts, the payment and delivery process, to the post-delivery services such as returns. Meanwhile, FedEx services like WeChat payment for Chinese customers and e-commerce self-collection services in Hong Kong are critical to enhancing the customer experience, encouraging repeat purchases and fuelling future business growth.

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