China Supply Chain Executive Summit 2019 is coming!

The trade war is ramping up; this uncertainty is giving corporates an important reason to check the health of their supply chains.

In the current situation of global economic integration, the level of the supply chain is the key factor that affects the competitiveness of enterprises and even countries on a global scale.

For multinational corporations with operations in both China and the US, the current trade dispute between these two countries is already affecting or will affect their operations and supply chains.

Based on the internationalization environment and the above situation, the new CSCES has formally started.

The China Supply Chain Executive Summit (CSCES2019) serves as an annual platform to exchange ideas and collaborate on the impact of market dynamics and new technologies for current and future supply chain & operations leaders. CSCES2019 organized by Conways Asia, will be held in Shanghai, China during Oct.16th-18th, 2019 and supported by influential and authoritative associations, media and governments. And now after yearly and successfully held, the CSCES series summits have already been the landmark for supply chain area in Asia.

Attention!!! CSCES2019 will be held with THREE DAYS. DAY ONE will especially focus on the Pharmaceutical and medical instruments Industry.

CSCES as the most influential Supply chain gala with a global perspective, in-depth discussion of the domestic and international Supply chain trends and issues. More than 600 Supply Chain, Logistic, Channel heads from different industries, such as Pharmaceutical, FMCG, Electronics, E-commerce, Internet, artificial intelligence, big data, aerospace, etc. will gather for the superb opportunity for conversation, collaboration, and networking.