• UPS appoints new Human Resources Officer

    Newly appointed Human Resources Officer Charlene Thomas has extensive operations experience in UPS, including management roles and as a package division manager in Baltimore and operations manager for the Alabama District.... Read More
  • B&H Worldwide appoints Customer Care Manager for CustomerFirst! Programme

    Megan Laws will be responsible for maintaining and enhancing the CustomerFirst! Programme which was launched following extensive customer research by the company.... Read More
  • SEKO Logistics Welcomes New Chief Technology Officer

    SEKO Logistics welcomes their new as Chief Technology Officer, Mike Powell. The new position will see Powell taking on the company’s award-winning technology suite to the next level to support customers’ global demand chains. ... Read More
  • New Vice President for Air Partner, U.S. Cargo

    As a seasoned aviation professional, with 11 years of experience in the aviation industry, Jack Burt will put his experience to use as the newly appointed Vice President of Air Partner’s U.S. Cargo Department. ... Read More
  • CS Leasing appointments Mike Krengle as VP Operations

    With 22 years of container related experience, Mike Krengle can be considered a Industry veteran. With his expertise, he will be heading the global operations, technical sales and procurement component of the company and support CS Leasing's expanding portfolio...... Read More
  • Q3 2018 Air Trade Leading Index from DHL Hong Kong

    In a nutshell, the overall trade outlook for the third quarter of 2018 dropped. In comparison to the previous quarter of 2018, it dropped slightly, as a result of the constant change in the global dynamics. Fortunately, the Q3...... Read More
  • New Leader for Thales InFlyt Experience

    Philippe Carette will be taking over as the Chief Executive Officer at Thales, and will lead the InFlyt Experience business. Thales is a leading provider of cutting-edge technologies that entertain, connect and inspire more than 1 million airline passengers...... Read More
  • New majority shareholder of A&A

    The Finnish provider of returnable logistics solution, K. Hartwall is the new majority shareholder of A&A. The acquisition of A&A Logistik-Equipment GmbH & Co. KG has been going, and they are happy to announce it today. With a newly...... Read More
  • Northrop Grumman changes CEO

    The chairman and chief executive officer of Northrop Grumman , Wes Bush will be stepping down in 2019. He will, however, remain as the chairman till the end of July 2019, as he steps down from his position of...... Read More
  • New Managing Director Commercial, for Delta Cargo

    New appointment for Kristin Colvile, and Lindsey Jalil from Delta Cargo. With Colvile recently promoted to Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, SkyTeam. Jalil steps up as the new Managing Director – Commercial.... Read More