Freight Forwarders

  • SLFFA to build logistics academy

    Identifying a critical need of thelogistics and the trading community,the Sri Lanka Freight ForwardersAssociation (SLFFA) has come forwardto set the first academy to build capacityin international trade and transportationin Sri Lanka, a press release said. This is the first...... Read More
  • Emirates joins DHL partnership

    Emirates Group Security and DHL Global Forwarding have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) in Strategic Air Cargo Security Partnership, a DHL Global Forwarding initiative. As one of DHL’s preferred air carriers, Emirates is one of the first airline...... Read More
  • HONG KONG: HKG throughput in danger: DHL

    Hong Kong’s air cargo throughputfrom Mainland China passing through the territory will drop as trade growthbetween China and North Asia shiftsmore of the flow further north, theSouth China Morning Post reported,citing a senior DHL Express official. "Further trade links...... Read More
  • ACMG publishes annual analysis

    Air Cargo Management Group’s newly-released International Air Freight andExpress Industry Performance Analysis2006 provides a detailed assessmentof the international air cargo/expressindustry and the companies that competein this evolving market. Publishedannually since 1994, this 200-pagestudy provides the only comprehensivequantitative and qualitative...... Read More
  • Dnata gets room to grow at last

    With the opening of a new cargo terminal, Dnata will finally get some much needed room to breathe at Dubai. Peter Conway explores the implications, and the handler¡¯s plans for the new airport at Jebel Ali.... Read More
  • FIFI

    The train was quite crowded,so a U. S. Marine walked the entirelength looking for a seat, but the onlyseat left was taken by a well dressed,middle-aged French woman’s poodle. The war weary Marine asked,’Ma’am, may I have that seat?’...... Read More
  • INDONESIA: IPO of Garuda awaits strategic partner

    Flag carrier Garuda Indonesia mayhave to extend the waiting period foran initial public offering. The Departmentof State Owned Enterprises(SOE) has scheduled the carrier and itssubsidiary companies for initial publicoffering/IPO this year 2007. However, the company is still uncertainas it...... Read More
  • Continental Airlines

    Continental Airlines has announcedthe appointment of Wyn Li as countrydirector of Hong Kong, Macau, andSouthern China. He will be responsible for all salesand marketing activities and the overallleadership of that region. Li was previously regional marketingmanager, Pacific (South) and...... Read More
  • INDONESIA: Posindo, Gading Sari ink logistcs deal

    State-owned postal service companyPT Pos Indonesia (Posindo) has signedan agreement with Gading Sari AviationService Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., through itsIndonesian subsidiary PT Gading SariIndonesia (GSI) for the redesigningand expansion of its logistics division. The CEO of PT. Pos Indonesia, HanaSuryana...... Read More
  • UPS International

    UPS has announced the appointmentof David Abney to the post of chiefoperating officer and the promotion ofAlan Gershenhorn to replace Abney aspresident of UPS International. Abney also assumes the role of presidentof UPS Airlines in replacing JohnBeystehner, who retired...... Read More