• Nagpur airport all set to take off as cargo hub

    Airport and navigation charges todevelop Nagpur airport into a cargoand passenger hub, the Financial Expressreported. The exemption applies forairlines undertaking cargo operationsto and from the Nagpur airport andextends to both domestic and internationalsectors. According to civil aviation ministerPraful Patel,...... Read More
  • Pemco World Air Services

    Pemco World Air Services has signeda contract with Iceland-based cargooperator, Bluebird Cargo to converttwo B737-400s to freighters in 2007.The conversion will be carried out at STAECO in Jinan, China. The Chinesespecialist previously converted two 737-300s to freighters for Bluebird.... Read More
  • Empost expands courier services

    Empost has expanded its globalreach with the opening of a new serviceto North and South America. Withoperations in Asia, Africa, Europe andnow the Americas, Empost is positioningitself as a leading inter-continentalservice provider in the industry, thepostal organisation said in...... Read More
  • MAHB airport charges lack transparency – IATA

    The International Air TransportAssociation (IATA) has urged the MalaysiaAirports Holdings Bhd (MAHB)and Malaysia’s Ministry of Transport toengage airlines in effective consultationswhen deciding on airport charges, Bernama News Agency reported. IATA said that there had been alack of transparency in...... Read More
  • BA World Cargo

    BA World Cargo has increased thenumber of its short-haul freighter servicesit runs in Europe by 40 percentfollowing a multi-million pound investment.From the end of January 2007,the new schedule in co-operation with DHL, will deliver 45 weekly wide-bodyservices (previously 32...... Read More
  • 500 rural post offices may close

    More than 10 percent of about4,400 privately run post offices undercontract with Japan Post mayclose, according to a survey by thepublic corporation. Of about 24,600post offices nation-wide, some 4,400are run privately mainly in ruralareas, commissioned by Japan Post. The...... Read More
  • DHL to develop RFID for pharma industry

    DHL has developed a new, pioneeringtechnology for the pharmaceuticalindustry that significantly improves themonitoring of temperature-controlledshipments. The new sensor tag is a combinationof temperature sensor and RFID radiochip. It permits continuous monitoringand recording of a pre-definedtemperature range as well as...... Read More
  • Munich Airport

    Munich Airport said it is planningto build a new logistics centre thisyear. The construction of a 15,000 sq.mfacility for forwarding agents is slatedto begin in either March or April withcompletion set for the end of 2007.... Read More
  • Champ Cargosystems launches eXpressWEB

    CHAMP Cargosystems has launcheda new Internet service directed towardsimplifying and speeding up the bookingprocess of express shipments. Working with specific requirementssubmitted by COPA Courier,eXpressWEB was designed anddeveloped to make the express shipmentbooking task as simple as fillingout just one...... Read More
  • CARGO 2000, IATA in e-freight pact

    IATA e-freight and Cargo 2000 saidthey have committed to work togetheron common industry process and standards,built on a unified campaign todrive quality and complete industry coveragefor electronic data interchange. IATA e-freight and Cargo 2000 aresignificant industry initiatives withinthe IATA...... Read More