• Bulk mail customers turn to Aramex

    Express, forwarding and logisticsgiant Aramex is capturing some bulkmail traffic in the Middle East, but hasyet to see direct marketing and otherbulk mailing – the only kind of mailthat is still growing for European andUS post offices – take...... Read More
  • MAE to convert 87 757’s for FedEx.

    ST Mobile Aerospace Engineering(MAE), the US subsidiary of Singapore-based ST Technologies Aerospace,has signed a massive Passenger-To-Freighter (PTF) conversion contractof 87 B757-200s with FedEx Express.Commencing in 2007, the contract isfor 87 aircraft. The contract follows last year’s decisionby FedEx to...... Read More
  • Emirates SkyCargo

    Emirates SkyCargo, which for thefirst time in its history carried morethan 1m metric tons of freight andgenerated more than $1b in revenuelast year, has been named Cargo Airlineof the Year by trade publication AirTransport World. The awards will bepresented...... Read More
  • China Postal Airlines starts flights to Osaka

    China Postal Airlines has launcheddirect mail and cargo flights betweenShanghai and Osaka in Japan, shorteningdelivery times between the twocities by at least 12 hours, Xinhua newsagency reported. The China Post subsidiary uses aB737-300 for the new service, whichtakes about...... Read More
  • Finnair switches to Aviapartner

    Aviapartner has signed a contractwith Finnair for the provision of cargohandlingservices in Brussels, Amsterdamand Paris-CDG. The contract in Brussels and Amsterdamhas been effective since thebeginning of December. In Paris-CDG,Aviapartner has started handling Finnair’scargo from the beginning ofJanuary. For the...... Read More
  • Airbus

    Airbus says it has fixed an electricalwiring problem on its first A380. TheEuropean aircraft manufacturer saiddeliveries to launch customer SingaporeAirlines will arrive in October ofthis year.... Read More
  • DHL Global Mail expands its toehold in Asia

    While ‘front door’ access to theAsian mail markets is still barred bya lack of liberalisation, DHL GlobalMail is increasingly exploring backdoor routes, through joint venturesand other initiatives in the direct mailarena, according to its chairman, KlausKnappik. An example is...... Read More
  • Post Danmark expands product range

    Post Danmark has acquired 51 percentof the shares in Transportgruppenby direct placement. The purchase of Transportgruppenshares will give Post Danmark accessto a finely meshed and efficient nation-wide network for the distributionof goods. According to Post Danmark deputyexecutive Carsten Dalbo,...... Read More
  • MIDDLE EAST: Deutsche Post signs logistics pact

    Dubai Industrial City said it establisheda partnership with Deutsche Post World Net (DPWN) the parentcompany of DHL, Danzas and Exel,to support its 20 million square feetlogistics facility – transPARK. Dubai Industrial City’s proximity toJebel Ali Port – the world’s...... Read More

    And now forthe latest postal news! Former ‘Baywatch’babe andanimal – right sactivist, PamelaAnderson haswritten an angryletter to theUS PostmasterGeneral JohnPotter, blastingKFC’s requestto put the beardedimage of thefounder of thefast-food chainon a stamp, MSNreported. ‘Honouringa man whoselegacy involvesbreaking animals’ bones...... Read More