• What is your claim to fame…?

    Claus Jørstad will forever be remembered as the guy who had the incident with the Ikea Marius stool.... Read More
  • Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather

    The Money Fight - AKA McGregor vs Mayweather has come and gone. Walking away with over $450 million, these two made out like bandits. ... Read More
  • Stranger things have happened… or have they?

    China Southern Airlines flight delayed for five hours at the Shanghai Pudong after an elderly woman threw coins at the planes’ engine...for good luck!... Read More
  • Evolution of exercise equipment

    Let's be honest, some of the exercise equipment looks like they could be mid evil torture contraptions on the set of an 1850’s movie. ... Read More
  • Bellyache

    Love him or hate him, one can’t ignore some of the memes that surfaced in relation to Donald Trump's hair – a topic that will be discussed for years to come... Read More
  • The next level of terrorist threat – the mammary bomber!

    A mother of two was recently “humiliated” after being forced by Heathrow Airport security to toss almost 15 litres of breast milk. Jessica Coakley Martinez hit out at the UK’s biggest airport in an open letter published on Facebook,...... Read More
  • Cue public address system

    ‘Attention please, will the owner of three B747s please return to information counter to reclaim your misplaced freighters. Thank you.’ We really don’t know where to begin on this little news item that seems to be so curiously absurd...... Read More
  • Belly Ache

    In this issue of Belly Ache... Smoushonds, Payload Asia editor, old Dutch dogs and pirates, as well as Katy Perry playing peek-a-boo in Dubai.... Read More
  • 21 O’Leary-isms*

    The Belly Achers are … proud… well something like that, to bring the result of a late night conversation in far away place – and no, this isn’t about pillow talk – with one of the Belly Achers’ favourite drinking buddies, err, ummh,...... Read More
  • Dumb, dumber and dumbest

    Before we start, we would like to sincerely apologise to the ‘big two’ aircraft manufacturers for featuring the Facebook posts of two intellectually challenged ‘experts’ discussing the merits of Airbus vs Boeing in the aircraft stability (otherwise known as the ‘shake-shake’ department), cockpit computerisation and aircraft safety! We...... Read More