Volga-Dnepr shows outsized cargo skills in recent charter

Volga-Dnepr took lead in the urgent delivery of heli water bombers from Australia to Greece to aid in the wildfires in the central region.

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Volga-Dnepr Airlines once again displayed its expertise in outsized and super heavy transportation after it ‘masterminded’ the urgent delivery of four heli water bombers (Bell 214B) from Australia to Greece to aid in the wildfires that have been spreading throughout the Euboea, Peloponnese and Attica regions since early August.

The airline’s An-124-100 was chartered to deliver the outsized cargo which had to be picked up at two separate airports in Wellcamp and Perth before heading to Athens.

The carrier, which claims to have delivered more than 40 types of helicopters in different occassions, said the complex delivery, arranged with air charter specialist Chapman Freeborn Australia and helicopter operator McDermott Aviation, was oraganised within only two days. And under normal circumstances, it usually takes around 10 days to prepare the aircraft and cargo for the flight.

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‘This is the first time throughout our 30 years of operations when we transported four helicopters on a single occasion, with the loading being done in two steps,’ said Ekaterina Andreeva, commercial director at Volga-Dnepr Airlines.

“This requires exquisite workmanship of the loadmasters, technicians, and crew and is only achieved by accurate calculations, powered by experience and respective competence in helicopters’ transportation.”

Photo credit: Chapman Freeborn

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