SpiceJet airlifts oxygen concentrators from HKG to India

SpiceJet is bringing more than 10,000 oxygen concentrators from across the globe, as India faces shortage amidst a second wave of infections.

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SpiceXpress B737 freighter lands at the Kolkata airport with 800 oxygen concentrators from Hong Kong

Last Saturday SpiceJet’s cargo arm SpiceXpress airlifted 800 oxygen concentrators from Hong Kong to Delhi for emergency use and distribution across the country.

The move comes as India faces a second wave in coronavirus cases that has resulted in an acute shortage of oxygen tanks in the country’s hospitals.

The carrrier’s B737 freighter aircraft delivered the consignment. The oxygen concentrators made their way to Delhi via Kolkata, where the aircraft landed at around 1900 hours (local time).

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“Along with SpiceHealth, we have airlifted 800 oxygen concentrators from Hong Kong for emergency use in India and we are looking at bringing more than 10,000 oxygen concentrators in the coming days from across the globe,” said Ajay Singh, chairman and managing director of.

SpiceJet’s chief reiterated the airline’s commitment to serve the Indian people in these trying times.

“We carried medicines and medical equipment and fruits and vegetables to all corners of India and the world when the pandemic hit us last year helping our country and our fellow citizens when they needed it the most and we will continue to serve with the same vigour.

“We have transported a record 88,802 kg of Covid vaccine shipment with a total dosage of 34 million Covid vaccines between January 12 and April 12, 2021 and our efforts will only grow stronger from here,” he added.

Through partnerships and tie-ups the airline is making its contribution to end the pandemic. It tied up with airport partners to ensure seamless delivery of the vaccines within and outside the country, including Brussels Airport, GMR Hyderabad Air Cargo (GHAC) and Adani Ahmedabad International Airport.

It also launched healthcare company SpiceHealth in November last year, which has conducted more than 2 million RT-PCR tests and has spread its operations across Delhi, Haryana, Maharashtra, Kerala, Uttarakhand. The airline has logged more than 1.5 lakh tonnes of cargo since 25 March last year.

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