Scoot converts A320 passenger aircraft for cargo-only transport

Scoot’s A320ceo passenger plane was stripped of seats to make room for cargo, with another aircraft set to be modified this week.

A320ceo CAAS cargo charter cargo-only modification Scoot

Courtesy of See Ting, Victoria Tan at Scoot

Scoot modified one of its A320ceo passenger aircraft (9V-TAZ) to carry cargo only by removing all seats in the cabin, doubling its capacity to nearly 20 tonnes, a press release confirmed. 

The modified aircraft’s first cargo charter flight took off on 22 August from Fuzhou to Singapore. The aircraft transported a total of 13 tonnes of cargo in both the bellyhold and cabin, comprising mainly daily essentials, with four more flights scheduled for August. 

Scoot started operating bellyhold cargo charters in March, using its B787-9 widebody passenger aircraft. Two months later it flew cargo charters using its A320 narrowbody aircraft, with cargo secured on passenger seats. 

Scoot said it has operated more than 200 cargo charters flights to and from Hong Kong, Australia, Taiwan, and China. 

“With many passenger aircraft sitting idle due to the pandemic, Scoot started operating cargo charters to carry essential supplies as an alternative revenue stream. Since then, we have been growing our cargo capacity and capabilities to remain competitive while providing more value for our customers,” Scoot’s CEO Campbell Wilson said.  

The aircraft modification took four days and was certified by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS). Another one of Scoot’s A320ceo aircraft is scheduled to undergo similar modification works this week, the company noted.

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