Liege Airport returns to growth

After a mixed year in 2013 due to the difficult global economic situation, freight transport saw a return to growth in 2014.

Belgium CAL Ethiopian Cargo Liege Airport TNT Airways

Liege Airport has confirmed its position as the number one cargo airport in Belgium with 590,579 tonnes of cargo passing through the airport in 2014, against 560,949 tonnes in 2013, representing an increase of 5.3 per cent.

All those companies with a presence at Liege Airport have played a part in this growth (TNT Airways, Ethiopian Cargo and CAL are improving). The decision of Ana Airline Management to base its cargo fleet in Liege Airport from late May has also contributed to this result.

The number of aircraft movements increased by 2.66 per cent from 41,047 movements in 2013 to 42,140 movements in 2014.

Meanwhile, passenger traffic showed a slight decrease (-3.95 per cent) with 302,847 passengers transported in 2014 against 315,293 in 2013. The closure during the year of the regular airline serving Tel Aviv and a decrease in the seating made available by tour operators are the two main reasons for this slight decrease.

Outlook for 2015
Reflecting Liege Airport’s focus in transporting medicines and animals, the current pharma centre will be enlarged in 2015 and a reception centre for horses will be built. 

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