KLM Cargo transports Dutch masterpieces to Amsterdam

KLM Cargo transported works by Dutch masters from St Petersburg to Amsterdam, which included Rembrandt’s “Young Woman with Earrings”.

Hermitage Amsterdam KLM Cargo

KLM Cargo had transported works by Dutch masters from St Petersburg to Amsterdam. Secure transport will be on hand at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to bring the works to the Hermitage Museum in Amsterdam on 29 September.


The works, including Rembrandt’s “Young Woman with Earrings”, will be on show at the exhibition “Dutch Masters from the Hermitage. Treasures of the Tsars”. KLM Cargo was entrusted with a number of the masterpieces that will be on show at the Hermitage Amsterdam from 7 October. The works were transported in special, custom made crates, ensuring that they arrive in perfect condition.


“KLM believes it is important to invest in preserving cultural heritage. This partnership with the Hermitage Amsterdam is one example of this kind of investment. We are proud that KLM Cargo has been entrusted with the transportation of these works, ensuring that they will be temporarily on show in the Netherlands after more than 300 years,” said Marcel de Nooijer, Executive Vice President KLM Cargo.


Cathelijne Broers, director of the Hermitage Amsterdam, adds, “It’s a complex operation transporting so many works by Dutch Masters. In the past, the works were usually transported by ship after purchase, but now they will be coming by road and air, which involves all sorts of regulations and security. KLM has a great deal of experience in this regard.”

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