Japan Airlines joins cohorts to test Tokyo’s drone delivery project

The 1-month-old project is expected to finish by March 2022, with budget from the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly awaiting approval. 

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Japan Airlines joined a consortium of specialists that will test drive the use of drones for food and medicine delivery in Tokyo.

Japan Airlines, with KDDI Corporation, East Japan Railway, Weathernews, Terra Drone Corporation announced the joint plan to the metropolitan government, as Tokyo sets out plans to adopt a drone delivery business model by 2022.

To test the use of drones for pharma and food delivery, the project will transport medicines from Mediceo Corp.’s Tokyo warehouse to nearby St. Luke’s International Hospital, whilst restaurants and offices close to the East Japan Railway stations in Tokyo will be tested for delivery. 

The 1-month-old project is expected to finish by March 2022, with budget from the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly awaiting approval. 

In related news, Amazon Prime Air got approval from the U.S. Federal Aviation Authority to start commercial trials for drone delivery, joining Alphabet’s Wing and United Parcel Service. 

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