HK Airlines takes on contoured containers

Nordisk says its new containers will increase the payload on the main deck of HK Airlines’ A330-200 freighters by more than 10 per cent.

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Hong Kong Airlines has placed an order for 40 Nordisk AMV main deck cargo containers for its fleet of A330‐200F aircraft. The container, custom designed by Nordisk Aviation Products in partnership with Airbus, has a base dimension of 96 x 125”, and accommodates side‐by‐side loading of unit load devices (ULDs) on the main deck of the A330‐200F as well as the A300‐600 and A310‐300 converted freighters.

The AMV is contoured to match the fuselage sidewalls, allowing carriers to take advantage of the available space. Previously, the only way to maximise air freight capacity was to use pallets and build up, with the load to match the contour of the aircraft. The use of containers will also allow fast and easy cargo build-up.

“We are excited to introduce these new AMV containers into our operations. We fully expect they will help expedite the cargo build-up process, especially for odd sizes and large amount of express shipments,” said Alex Wong, deputy general manager of cargo services and operations at Hong Kong Airlines, Ltd.

“Nordisk’s AMV containers contribute to the value proposition of our aircraft by allowing a volume gain equivalent to 1.5 standard containers, such as AAX, on the A330‐200F,” said Didier Lenormand, head of freighter marketing at Airbus.

“We look forward to many more successful partnerships with aircraft OEMs and cargo operators in the future,” said Frode Eriksen, global head of engineering at Nordisk Aviation Products.

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