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Just ‘plane’ pushy!

Just ‘plane’ pushy! Sometimes in life you just need a little push. While most air passengers have their complaints, they’re usually about delays, or bad service, horrible food, etc, etc. But typically most passengers’ complaints are rather trivial compared to this story, and usually they don’t revolve around having to actually get out of an airplane to help get it moving! Such is the case in deepest, darkest, coldest Russia.

Passengers in Igarka, a small town in the far north of Russia’s Krasnoyarsk region (yeah, we had to Google it too and it’s somewhere way up north in Siberia) learned that their plane had become stuck to the ground as temperatures plunged to a somewhat more than chilly, minus 52C!

A video making its rounds on the Internet then shows them pushing the wings to get the plane moving. The aircraft in question: A Tupolev 134 operated by Katekavia, a subsidiary of Utair, one of Russia’s biggest airlines.


The plane, which was reportedly carrying 74 passengers, eventually did take off and landed safely in the regional centre of Krasnoyarsk. A spokesperson for Katekavia denied the plane had become stuck and said it was instead the vehicle meant to push the plane that had stopped working.