B757 feedstock for conversions hits sweetspot

After a long hard winter that’s lasted for a few years, the conversion market for Precision Conversions’ niche area of B757-200 passenger to freighter and passenger to combi looks finally set to turn. And the timing couldn’t be better – record levels of feedstock are beginning to flow. By Donald Urquhart.

B757 feedstock for conversions hits sweetspot

Aircraft feedstock is increasing by the minute and you’re going to see seismic levels of airplanes being delivered out of the legacy carriers now that the B737-800NGs and 900NGs are being delivered at record levels, so that’s helping a lot,” said Brian McCarthy VP, marketing and sales at Precision.

Currently Precision is finishing up a combi and starting up another conversion on 20 May, “so not nearly as many airplanes as I would like to see – we should have three airplanes up right now, but we don’t and that’s just a sign of the times,” he concedes.

“But we are getting far more inquiries now than we’ve ever gotten. Feedstock is now getting abundant and affordable feedstock has everything to do with the level of interest we get.” Currently there are over 100 aircraft on the market now – coming out of US legacy carriers like United and others. Precision also received certification for 757-200PCF conversions on winglet equipped aircraft, which McCarthy says “will open a few doors for us because only the newest, youngest aircraft have winglets, that’s just the way it went.”

“We’ve got 300 plus aircraft that are candidates as we look forward, all that are well within age restrictions and age brackets that we’re looking for – low cycle airplanes that are 1992-2004 type of airplanes and so we’ve got a good feedstock base,” he says. “We can easily count a potential 50 or 60 airplane orders without even trying – from the various customers, including replacements and additions and we’re getting inquiries from new customers, so I would say I’m encouraged, but its been a tough few years.