Aviation Cyber Stakeholders discuss challenges and vulnerabilities

Regulatory and industry stakeholders focus on cyber resilience

AAPA Andrew Herdman Association of Asia Pacific Airlines

The Asia Pacific is recognised as the largest and fastest growing aviation region in the world.  A successful aviation industry creates an environment of increasing connectivity, drives economic development and helps bring people closer together by providing safe and secure travel.  Like most modern industries, the aviation sector is dependent on both physical infrastructure and digital information networks.


The Association of Asia Pacific Airlines (AAPA), supported by the Qantas Group, and working together with partners in the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Singapore Ministry of Transport and the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, are seeking to enhance and strengthen regional aviation cyber resilience.  Through a series of capacity building interactive workshops, this public-private partnership will bring together diverse regionally interested stakeholders from across the aviation industry.  A focus on risk awareness, strategic planning, strengthening resilience and fostering people to people links and networks will position the Asia Pacific as a global leader in aviation cyber resilience.


The first of four planned workshops was held at the Singapore Aviation Academy in Singapore.  Workshop participants included representatives from regulatory agencies, airlines, airports, service providers, suppliers and academia.


The workshop highlighted a number of key outcomes for further consideration by stakeholders which included:

  • Aviation safety and security is built on a network of trusted relationships
  • Growing digital connectivity brings with it increased challenges and vulnerabilities
  • Wider regional understanding needed on the shared cyber risk environment
  • Building more resilient systems – focus on response and recovery-re-establishing business continuity.


In his opening remarks, Mr. Andrew Herdman, AAPA Director General commented, “The risk of cyber attacks is ever present.  Although our cyber security defences may be robust, it is never enough, in the long term system breaches and break-ins are inevitable”.


Mr. Herdman continued, “Therefore, on cybersecurity, it is essential to work cooperatively together to strengthen our collective resilience, through shared intelligence and technological innovation.”


Looking ahead, Mr. Herdman added, “AAPA is committed to working in partnership with other aviation stakeholders to develop, implement and enhance strategies for strengthening cyber security and resilience of the aviation sector.”


Australia’s Ambassador for Cyber Affairs Dr. Tobias Feakin emphasised, “This public-private partnership model is an essential element of successful cyber resilience, which will provide the enabling environment for this region’s booming connectivity and growth.”

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