UPS Thailand Service Enhancements

Latest UPS service enhancements in Thailand help businesses better capture new export opportunities in volatile international market landscape.

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UPS announced additional service improvements in Thailand to enhance the competitiveness of Thai businesses to better adapt to the fast changing economic climate and uncertainties in global trade. The service enhancements in 2019 support three key export segments: high-tech, automotive, and industrial manufacturing, which continue to be Thailand’s growth drivers.


UPS supports these segments in capturing untapped opportunity in global trade momentum by connecting to potential trade partners in the U.S. and EU, and markets in North Asia like Taiwan. This is part of a strategic growth plan involving service enhancements that will benefit up to 1.4 million postal codes across 41 countries and territories in the Asia Pacific region.


Industrial manufacturing estates in Northern Thailand are also playing a pivotal role for untapped potential in the high-tech sector. UPS helps Lamphun, a key industrial zone with a cluster of high-tech manufacturing3, achieve its potential by supporting its supply chain flexibility.


UPS service enhancements in Lamphun include an option for faster transit times for exports, a significant improvement as high-tech products have short product life cycles and thus need faster speed-to-market. UPS also improved its import express service in Chonburi, another key location for industrial manufacturing estates that will benefit from tighter supply chains, allowing them to hold less inventory and improve reactiveness. Some other customer benefits are as follows:

  • Day-definite guarantee with one day faster transit time for UPS Worldwide Expedited service within Asia, enabling the majority of businesses in the region to enjoy delivery in two business days with a guaranteed delivery date
  • Shortened transit time by 1 day for exports to Taiwan
    Taiwan is a key trade partner in Thailand’s high-tech manufacturing industry, with Thai manufacturers benefiting from the faster export of finished goods and parts.
  • Reduced transit time by 1 day for exports from Lamphun to Europe and U.S. destinations.
  • An additional pick-up time at 4pm with a 2-day transit time to support high-tech manufacturers that need greater flexibility and faster turnover

These are priority markets for the high-tech industry, where speed-to-market is critical due to short product lifespans.

  • Sped up delivery time by 2 hours (from 2 pm to noon) for express imports to 2 key postal codes serving more than 500 businesses in industrial estates in Chonburi Improvements to import delivery time are crucial for manufacturing businesses that need parts for assembly or production materials to fulfill urgent orders.
  • Expansion of UPS Marketplace Shipping to 104 additional Asian markets, including Thailand, offering businesses an automated way to process their e-marketplace orders by streamlining the order management and shipping processes, and reaching more end-customers in other parts of the world.

The service enhancements are part of UPS’s long-term growth plan for Thailand, which is focused on expanding its geographical reach and improving customer experience for businesses in the high-tech, automotive, and manufacturing segments. Progressively, UPS will continue to deepen its presence to support volume growth particularly as Thailand solidifies its position as a strategic gateway to Asia, and as an ASEAN Logistics and Aviation Hub.


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