Is your dress code flight appropriate?

Comic Cameron Esposito joked that the incident was a “true action thriller” called “Leggings on a Plane.”

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We couldn’t help but jump onto the bandwagon discussing the recent debacle that United Airlines found themselves in after two teenage girls were not allowed to board a flight from Denver to Minneapolis; because they were wearing leggings. A bystander, who witnessed the exchange between the gate attendant and the young ladies quickly took to the twitter verse. It wasn’t long before other social media platforms also caught wind of the story and had the masses commenting, condemning and sharing the story. Even a few Hollywood celebrities chimed in.


Considering how quick the news spread, representatives from United took their time responding to the accusations of sexism. The explanation given was that the young ladies in question were actually flying on “buddy passes” – discounted travel for friends and family of employees. It later emerged that they are subject to different terms and conditions. According to United Airlines, The two passengers were United pass riders and not in compliance with their dress code for company benefit travel. They regularly remind employees that when they place a family member or friend on a flight for free as a standby passenger, they need to follow United’s dress code. However, this didn’t seem to pacify anyone but instead led to accusations of outdated policies.


We’ll show you how it played it out on twitter instead – Enjoy!


Cue the twitter outrage:

Oscar winner Patricia Arquette tweeted at the airline, saying “Leggings are business attire for 10 year olds. Their business is being children,” after United replied” Casual attire is allowed as long as it looks neat and is in good taste for the local environment.”


Chrissy Teigan, the model, said that she had previously flown on the airline without any trousers – just a top, worn as a dress. “Next time I will wear only jeans and a scarf,” she joked.


Andrew Millspaugh said “It’s not going to be a pretty sight, but I’m going to wear yoga pants for my next @united flight.” To which United responded: “@armillspaugh Hi Andrew, as you aren’t a pass traveler, your attire doesn’t need to meet the United pass travel clothing requirements.”


Comic Cameron Esposito joked that the incident was a “true action thriller” called “Leggings on a Plane.”


In response to the social media storm United found itself in, they went on to say leggings are welcome (for paying customers only)…


Despite what has been said (in response…) next time you catch a flight, make sure your attire is “flight appropriate”, lest you find yourself in the same predicament.

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