Antonov Airlines flies emergency relief to Guadeloupe

Antonov Airlines works with EDF Group to transport generators from France to the Caribbean in under 24 hours, for relief to hurricane-stricken Guadeloupe.

An-124-100 Antonov Airlines EDF Group Guadeloupe Paul Furlonger


The cargo, which was supplied by EDF Group, included three different sizes of generators: nine generators measuring 4.840m long, 1.200m wide, and 2.200m high, and weighing 4.030 tonnes each; 16 generators measuring 4.470m long, 1.200m wide, and 2.200m high, and weighing 3.200 tonnes each; and seven generators measuring 3.800m long, 1.100m wide, and 2.000m high, and weighing 2.410 tonnes each.



Antonov Airlines recently upgraded two of its AN-124-100 aircraft, allowing them to operate at their designed maximum payload of 150 tonnes.


Antonov Airlines operates a fleet of seven AN-124-100 aircraft, including two modernised -150 variants, with a payload of up to 150 tonnes, an AN-22 with a payload of 60 tonnes, the AN-225, the largest aircraft in the world, with a payload of 250 tonnes, and smaller AN-26 and AN-74 aircraft.