TAC Index platform introduces four new trade routes

The newly launched routes include Vietnam-Europe, US-China, U-South America and US-Europe, which have become key trade lanes for air cargo.

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Air freight rate data provider TAC Index has added several new important routes to its growing list of air cargo indices, a press release confirmed.

The newly launched routes include Vietnam to Europe, US to China, US to South America and US to Europe, which would provide significant data and insights for any party interested in air cargo.

TAC Index says its route indices, based primarily on raw transaction data from freight forwarders, are now starting to incorporate further data points from airline engagement.

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“Airlines have begun to supply data sets to TAC Index as they increasingly note the value of greater price transparency for all parties in air cargo pricing data,” said the company, noting that the indices can be used for performance benchmarking, risk management, and ideally suited for index linked agreements (ILAs) between various parties in air cargo.

TAC Index managing director John Peyton Burnett added that the newly launched routes have become important trade lanes for air cargo in recent years.

“We are very happy to have hit thresholds to begin publishing Indices from these markets. These are also some of our first country to country pairings, more of which we will be publishing in future. We anticipate a number of new routes coming online in the coming weeks as we continue to expand our offerings,” he added.

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