Chart: Top 5 ‘boneyard’ airports house more than 1,100 aircraft in storage

Most of the boneyard airports in the top 5 are in North America, including Roswell, Victorville and Pinal.

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Top 5 boneyard airports *Aircraft only considered stored in case the aircraft spends or has spent at least 120 hours at the airport. (Source: Seabury Consulting by Accenture, November 2020)

This chart by Seabury Consulting shows the top 5 boneyard airports which store more than 1,100 of grounded aircraft. Several airlines had to put aircraft in long-term storage with no more room at their hubs.

Most of the boneyard airports in the top 5 are in North America, with Roswell International Air Centre in New Mexico (ROW) taking in 345, followed by Victorville’s Southern California Logistics Airport (VCV) with 263 and Pinal County Airpark (MZJ) in Arizona with 261.

Most of the aircraft in storage in these airports are narrow-body planes that have been grounded due to lower regional travel demand, according to the report.

In the Asia and Oceania region, Alice Springs Airport (ASP) has a total of 122 aircraft in storage made up mostly of widebody aircraft.

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