SASI assigns stalwart team for data systems to link air cargo community

As airports and authorities mull the use of new data systems, SASI relies on its organisational expertise to help make the transition.

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With much experience in organising seminars on e-commerce and community systems, air logistics consulting firm SASI (Strategic Aviation Solutions International) has established a consulting team dedicated to cargo community systems (CCS) and the data and logistics corridor” concept, announced a press release. 

As discussions in the air cargo industry shift from what would be “nice to have” to “what is needed right now” due to the ongoing pandemic, SASI said that airports and local authorities need a detailed understanding of each stakeholder and the expectations of beneficial cargo owners (BCOs) or those who pay the costs and expect complete informationwhether this be for a shipment or an individual stock keeping unit (SKU). 

With this new environment, SASI noted that two fundamental building blocks are CCS and data and logistics corridors. But what are they? 

Stan Wraight, President and CEO of SASI, explained that “a digital air logistics corridor between two airports enhances shipment visibility and optimises the flow of cargo data and commodities. 

Through this digital corridor, airports can identify and establish links with gateway airport partners in other regionsallowing airline clients to create portfolios in a “virtual integrator” model of highly competitive products. 

“These digital data corridors can evolve from connecting one cargo network airport community platform in one country to the airport community platform in the other country. These hubs can connect multiple countries using the simple principle of data federation and trust,” Wraight said. 

Meanwhile, cargo community systems or CCSs ensure that airports comply with today’s standards so they can retain their significant ability to add to profitability, Wraight added. 

SASI said that the newly established team can help clients identify the services and processes for their CCS, as well as create a request for proposal for the implementation and execution of such, including prioritised selection criteria and assisting in the tender process through supplier selection. 

SASI is confident it can bank on the team’s skills, expertise and experience to make the transition from the legacy structure and relationship. 

“There is no doubt that this timely focus on our clients’ needs is essential, from decision-making and support in implementing new data systems, to ensuring that all local stakeholders buy in, and comply with new government initiatives towards e-freight. SASI’s broad expertise in stakeholder concerns can be of great assistance to airports and authorities as these initiatives need to be expedited, Wraight commented. 

Joining Stan to lead the team are other SASI experts, including VPs Charles Edwards and Mark Diamond and Senior Associate Consultant Hans van der Zwet. 

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