Rolls-Royce warehouse in Singapore gains CEVA Logistics ‘showcase status’

Rolls-Royce’ 65,000-sqm assembly site becomes the first CEVA-operated warehouse in Singapore to achieve such feat.

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Rolls-Royce Singapore assembly site The successful collaboration between Rolls-Royce and CEVA paved the way for the showcase status to be awarded in just over a year.

Rolls-Royce’ 65,000-sqm assembly site in Singapore has been awarded showcase status within CEVA Logistics’ global network, becoming the first site operated by the logistics company in the country to achieve such feat.

CEVA Logistics, which operates the Singapore site on behalf of the aerospace manufacturer, said it is one of the few facilities within the Southeast Asia & Pacific region to have garnered this achievement. And for Rolls-Royce, this is a global first.

It took the operations team just over a year to meet the stringent requirements and metrics to achieve showcase status, and CEVA says the successful collaboration showcases its expertise and ability to support customers in the aerospace industry.

Within the facility, the CEVA Logistics team is responsible for inbound receiving, inventory management, storage, picking and kitting of parts to the Rolls-Royce engine assembly line. For returns and outbound shipments to other countries, the team onsite also provides a global export service.

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Supported by a highly motivated team, Rolls-Royce has built a strong working relationship with CEVA Logistics where mutual trust has resulted in a collaborative relationship now spanning 10 years.

“This has been a real collaborative effort and an extremely gratifying journey since taking ownership of the site in July 2019,” said Elaine Low, CEVA’s regional managing director, Southeast Asia and Pacific.

“We have witnessed the swift progression from basic level to advanced level and the exciting and progressive learning journey to showcase status,” she added.

CEVA said the site will be reviewed internally on an annual basis and monthly reviews will be conducted to ensure full compliance with the process and to maintain its status.

“The aerospace industry is an important focus for us and facilities like this make CEVA Logistics well-positioned for the sector’s potential recovery in 2021,” Low noted.

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