Airbus participates in Singapore’s Aviation Open House 2019

Visitors to the booth will learn how Airbus’ urban air mobility solutions can contribute positively to a multimodal mobility system and help build more liveable cities.



Students at the first workshop will be introduced to the process of assembling an A380, where they will be tasked to assemble an A380 aircraft model, programme it with their own algorithm, to be able to manoeuvre on the tarmac, ready for take-off.


The second workshop leverages Discovery Space – the digital portal that brings today’s research and technology to life. After learning how aircraft operate and fly, students will then put their knowledge to the test by designing their own airplanes in a competition.


Since its launch in 2012, the Airbus Foundation Little Engineer programme has successfully positioned itself as an effective vehicle for discovery-based learning, working to enlighten and empower youth in the areas of science and technology through robotics and aerospace. Today, the programme is operating in more than 19 countries and has reached out to over 5,000 students from across Africa, Asia and the Middle East.