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Charter Broker of the Year (Customer Choice)

Charter Broker of the Year (Customer Choice)

What is the significance of this award to your company?

“It means so much to be voted the best by the industry – your customers and suppliers that you deal with every day. We are very humbled by the fact that they consider us the best at what we do.”

What do you see as the key factors contributing to your win?

“At ACS we focus on personal service and I think that is rewarded by customer loyalty. Th at is reflected in the amount of votes we garnered to win this award. What’s more, we are growing at a phenomenal rate and gaining a larger and larger customer base every year.”

How does the award amplify your unique value proposition?

“Obviously being voted as the best is the ultimate ‘recommendation’ to entice future clients. So it obviously gives us an edge, especially in the Asia region. It is also a fantastic accolade to use in marketing, be it brochures, emails or PR.”

What is the value of industry awards such as these?

“I think it makes us all strive that little bit harder. In the movie industry every actor wants to win an ‘Oscar’ and award ceremonies like these are our ‘Oscars’.”