Afinia Label and Sihl unveil new flexible packaging solution

Afinia Label and Sihl are working together to fill a growing need for short run, digitally-printed flexible packaging that can go from print to fully-formed and filled packaging in just a few minutes.

Afinia Label Sihl

Afinia Label, a manufacturer and distributor of industrial color label printing and finishing equipment, is working closely with Sihl, a global leader in digital print media, to introduce digital flexible packaging solutions to the short-run narrow web market.

As shown at Labelexpo 2019 in Brussels, the Afinia L901 Industrial Color Label Printer not only produces professional-quality, full-color labels at high speeds, but also creates equally impressive prints for flexible packaging applications. Afinia’s solution takes up to a 230mm wide roll of Sihl ARTYSIO Packaging film, prints at 9m per minute and 1600dpi, and laminates it inline. The printed roll is then ready to use in vertical or horizontal form/fill/seal (VFFS or HFFS) systems, to create packaging formats like flow packs, sachets, bags, stand-up pouches and lidding films.

The Afinia L901 has been optimized to run harmoniously with Sihl’s ARTYSIO line of packaging films, which have been created with the goal of simplifying the question of film choice. All ARTYSIO films come with outstanding printability as well as great barrier and sealing properties, there’s even a certified “Made for Recycling” film that answers the question of sustainability. The end result is a high-quality pack that’s suitable for a wide range of products and markets.