2nd phase of Northeast Cargo Development opens at O’Hare

Mayor Emanuel, Commissioner Evans, Alderman Zalewski, Alderman Sposato and representatives from Aeroterm cut a ribbon for the official opening of the new cargo facility.

Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA) Northeast Cargo O'Hare International Airport

Keeping pace with Phases I and II of the northeast cargo development, and to support the record growth of air cargo, Phase III is now expected to open in 2-3 years, also ahead of schedule. In total, these investments will create an estimated 10,000 new construction and permanent jobs, as well as hundreds of millions of dollars in new revenue for the City.

Expanding new cargo warehouse capacity provides O’Hare the ability to process a greater volume of air cargo in a number of ways. The addition of 747-8 capable aircraft ramps provides 50 percent additional capacity to handle cargo from jumbo jet freighters; and in its final form the northeast cargo development will deliver 800,000 square-feet of warehousing and apron pavement.

These investments will make way for up to 15 wide body aircraft to unload at any given time at O’Hare. And with each jumbo jet freighter estimated to deliver cargo valued at $3 million on average, this is expected to drive hundreds of millions in economic benefit for the City and surrounding region.

In addition to the new capacity afforded by the northeast cargo campus, Chicago’s surge in cargo activity is due in large part to its central geography and strong network of transportation infrastructure. Chicago has surpassed its large hub peer airports as the top destination for air trade with China, and trade with Asian countries continues to grow each year as new capacity becomes available at O’Hare.