May 2017


  • East Asian Cities top new globalization giants index

    East Asian nations have deepened and broadened their global connections even as international trade remained weak, according to the fourth Global Connectedness Index (GCI) released by DHL.... Read More
  • Impact of crude prices on airline’s profitability

    The airline industry is operational on miniscule profits and even the slenderest change in its operational costs can affect its overall profitability. Th e highest share of its operating cost (ranging from 20 – 50%) is accounted by fuel cost. Thus, crude price volatility becomes a cause of huge concern for all the airlines.... Read More

ULD Supplement

  • Component, Appliance or Aircraft Part?

    An expensive asset, with a replacement value of US $ 1 Billion, unit load devices (ULDs) are still treated like the “distant relative that no one wants around” within the industry, despite having a direct contribution to flight safety. Speaking to Bob Rogers, Vice President at ULD Care; as well as ULD and operations experts at the International Air Transport Association (IATA), we look at why issues are still arising and how the two organisations are working to drive change. ... Read More

From the Editor

  • Embracing New Journeys

    Embracing the unknown is easier said than done, but it can also be the quickest way to experience a new journey, which could potentially lead to extraordinary achievements.... Read More

Cover Story

  • Hong Kong Air Cargo charts new course

    The inception of Hong Kong Air Cargo has emerged in the midst of rising opportunities present in the industry. Strategic plans are in place to not only expand the carrier’s prominence and focus in the air cargo industry, but to also take the reins over the entire supply chain. By Cheryl Soh ... Read More


  • Setting high Standards from Within

    Following on from a number of noteworthy achievements, Payload Asia spoke to David Kerr, Senior Vice President of Etihad Cargo, to discuss what the recent accomplishments mean for the fastest growing cargo division of Etihad Airways ... Read More