April 2017

Information Technology Supplement

  • The Potential for Better Technology Integration

    Technological advances have infl uenced almost every aspect of how today’s world operates. The air cargo industry however, seems to be taking its time in fully embracing the digital era and all it has to offer. By Dheeraj Kohli ... Read More

From the Editor

  • Changing Landscape

    Let’s take a moment and address the elephant in the room... AKA change – a word that seems to evoke panic among the masses on any given day.... Read More

Cover Story

  • Moving Forward with Tech: Disruption or Opportunities?

    The digital wave is no doubt challenging the traditional practices of the air cargo supply chain. Transport and logistics sectors are highly susceptible to change, especially in the form of automation and interconnectivity to collect and generate data. How are industry players adopting digitalisation today? Take a closer look into rising disruptive technologies and how we can move forward amidst the “chaos”. By Cheryl Soh ... Read More