September 2013

Cover Story

  • ANA Cargo stays lean and focused

    In lean times such as these, the absence of large freighters in a carrier’s fleet is not only healthy from a profitability point of view; it’s quite simply a blessing. For All Nippon Airways (ANA), a very focused approach to cargo both in terms of markets and capacity alongside a recent regional office move to Singapore in order to focus on Southeast Asia and India and even cross-border trucking, all reveals a healthy strategy for tapping the vast potential of Asian markets. Donald Urquhart reports.... Read More


  • Oz forwarders warn of ill-conceived security plan

    With less than a year to go, Australia’s impending air cargo security regime still faces substantial opposition and much uncertainty, not least amongst the government department responsible for it. The new security regime is targeted for implementation by July 2014 and will have major ramifications for not simply air cargo supply chain players, but the entire Australian export community. Australian forwarders say the plan is ill-conceived and will seriously impede the flow of commerce and trade. By Donald Urquhart.... Read More

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