May 2013

From the Editor

  • Reality check

    After putting this issue together I’ve come to the realisation that it’s actually a bit of downer issue. It wasn’t really intended to paint a downbeat mood, but really that seems to be the underlying current in some of the pieces from the cover story to the economics pages to the supplement.... Read More

Cover Story

  • Change when change is needed

    Facing a serious set of challenges, the general air cargo sector needs to take a leaf out of FedEx’s playbook and change – and that change includes a rebalancing of capacity with less dedicated freighter capacity says David Cunningham, FedEx Express president for Asia Pacific. By Donald Urquhart in Hong Kong.... Read More

Belly Ache

  • This one is for all you ‘green’ fashionistas out there.

    Actually, here at Belly Ache Central, we love this clever idea – both for its creativity and its environmental friendliness. And it comes courtesy of Air France – who could really use a bit of extra income right about now. Air France, we give you a 9 out of 10 on the Belly Ache respect scale (we’re not quite sure what it takes to get a 10, but we suspect it involves complimentary swag, freebies and other bribe-a-licious goodies).... Read More

FREIGHTER Supplement

  • AEI selects fourth conversion centre

    Aeronautical Engineers, Inc. (AEI), has announced that it has selected Commercial Jet’s (CJ’s) new 400,000 square-foot facility at the Dothan Regional Airport (DHN) in Dale County, Alabama as its fourth AEI Authorized Conversion Center (AACC). Commercial Jet’s Alabama facility will provide B737-300SF,B737- 400SF and MD80SF Passenger to Freighter Conversions and Maintenance for AEI customers.... Read More
  • Pemco to double B737-300 P2Fs

    Pemco World Air Services has said it will likely double its P2F freighter conversion of Boeing 737-300 and -400 aircraft and soon will announce a programme for a new 737 variant, according to Kevin Casey, president of the Tampa, Florida based conversion and maintenance company.... Read More
  • B757 feedstock for conversions hits sweetspot

    After a long hard winter that’s lasted for a few years, the conversion market for Precision Conversions’ niche area of B757-200 passenger to freighter and passenger to combi looks finally set to turn. And the timing couldn’t be better – record levels of feedstock are beginning to flow. By Donald Urquhart.... Read More
  • Freighters: Going the way of the dinosaurs?

    With ongoing global economic lethargy causing continued stagnation in air cargo markets and new capacity mostly in the form of passenger bellies, continuously being added, many have questioned the long term viability of freighters. But a recent industry panel comprised of key executives from all-cargo carriers, combination carriers and a freight forwarder, unanimously agreed freighters are here to stay, but that a market correction – possibly with casualties – is inevitable. Donald Urquhart reports from Hong Kong.... Read More