March 2013

From the Editor

  • The end of the Golden Age?

    An interesting report was recently authored by Merrill Lynch and while aimed more at the ocean forwarding side, it clearly has relevance for the air freight forwarding sector. Entitled ‘After the Golden Age’, it outlines Merrill Lynch’s opinion that “the structural growth story for the freight forwarding industry is being gradually undermined by changes in world trade patterns”.... Read More

Cover Story

  • South African anchors in Africa, but eyes Asia

    In this current air cargo environment any idea of what lays ahead is frustratingly difficult and perhaps even more so for the cargo division of South African Airways (SAA), for not only does it face the challenge of a global market downturn, but internal uncertainties as well. But with an airline turnaround plan in the works and a successful cargo division with a sensible strategy to tap Africa’s burgeoning trade, things are looking up. Donald Urquhart reports from Johannesburg, South Africa.... Read More


  • OR Tambo strategically plotting cargo future

    While cargo has never had a sharp focus at South Africa’s main gateway airport and Africa’s largest and busiest, this is set to change in the coming years as the Airports Company South Africa (ACSA) works alongside government and city officials to develop the airport and surrounding area into a world class logistics hub. By Donald Urquhart.... Read More

Belly Ache

  • Waka waka!

    Waka waka! If the mood at the recent Air Cargo Africa event in Johannesburg is any indication, the industry must be smelling the invisible roses – tell-tail signs that the bleak, barren cargo winter is about to finally recede. Being the skeptical bunch we are however, we’re not entirely convinced on the whole flower thing – not even if it’s being pitched by the ever-enthusiastic Enno, who is only out-enthused by a certain Emirates celeb!... Read More