June 2013


  • Swiss restarts direct Singapore-Zurich service

    Swiss International Air Lines has returned to Singapore after an absence of four years with a new daily non-stop service between Singapore and Zurich operated with an A340-300 aircraft. The opening of Singapore also offers major opportunities for the Swiss WorldCargo business unit with 17-18 tonnes of belly capacity per flight. Donald Urquhart reports.... Read More

Belly Ache

  • The ‘F’ word. Here

    The ‘F’ word. Here at Belly Ache we tend to be a bit fascist about language usage. While we sometimes slips up makes mistake wid our Engerish, we du strived to presents the bestest possibre, glammatically koreck Engerish. Of course, making our living off of language it has a tendency to spill over to our everyday lives. We know for a fact we’ve annoyed (to put it mildly) our partners, our kids, our friends and even our neighbours for correcting their language. It’s a bad and sometimes rude habit that we are striving to reign in. We’ve even enrolled ourselves in LKA (Language Korrectors Anonymous) – actually it was in the same venue as our ‘other’ anonymous meeting so we thought, ‘hey why not’!... Read More

Cover Story

  • Cold comfort?

    As the air cargo industry continues along its level plain there appears an ever brighter light of optimism among many industry players.... Read More