February 2013

From the Editor

  • A brave new world

    With a new year unfolding quietly, softly in front of us, it seems the air cargo industry, if not much of the world, is waiting with bated breath for that proverbial light at the end of the gloomy economic tunnel.... Read More

Cover Story

  • Emerging markets power global economy

    While emerging markets are growing as the new source of global economic growth, outpacing growth rates of traditional developed markets, a number of factors – near sourcing, modal shift and cost pressures including high fuel prices – pose challenges for air freight going forward according to a recent report. By Donald Urquhart.... Read More

Belly Ache

  • Java no joke.

    One grande skinny de-caf late, hold the lithium please. Before we go further on this item, we have to fess up and say it like it is... we don’t claim to be highly trained technical experts, but we DO like drinking coffee (and not that skinny de-caf crap)...a lot.... Read More