December 2013 -January 2014

From the Editor

  • A rosier 2014

    Once again another year has come to a close. While it’s tempting to gripe about another year best forgotten, it’s getting to be a well-worn, if not patently overused phrase. Undeniably it was another bad year for air cargo and sadly, a situation that the air cargo industry is quite simply starting to get used to.... Read More

Cover Story

  • IATA urges industry-wide action on quality

    As part of an ambitious, but very necessary move to demonstrably boost the value proposition of the entire air cargo supply chain to its users – the shippers – the International Air Cargo Association (IATA) and its Cargo Committee aim to strip out two days of its average door-to-door delivery time in a bid to firm up its business and stem, among other things, increasing modal shift. Donald Urquhart reports from Geneva.... Read More

AFAAPPAAA 57th Assembly of Presidents

  • AAPA widens scope while promoting Asian voice

    The Association of Asia Pacific Airlines (AAPA) has expanded its scope of countries whose international airlines are eligible to join as it seeks to promote the development of a more vocal and unified Asian voice in global regulatory affairs. Donald Urquhart reports from Hong Kong.... Read More

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