April 2013

From the Editor

  • Facing the threats

    In the cover story of this issue we take a look at the health of the industry after listening to the debates at two key, nearly back-to-back, industry events which included the annual World Cargo Symposium.... Read More

Cover Story

  • Challenging times: Aberration or ‘new norm’?

    The turmoil in the air cargo industry over the last few years has provoked discussion and analysis unlike ever before in the industry. Certainly no stranger to cyclical swings, the industry never-the-less has been caught off guard by the nature, scope and speed of the challenges that continue coming its way. Predictability and forward business visibility have become non-existent. But the question, as Emirates’ cargo chief succinctly asks, is whether this new global environment “is an aberration, or is it the beginning of the ‘new norm’? By Donald Urquhart.... Read More

Belly Ache

  • Dateline Pyongyang

    You always know its going to be a good one when it starts with a North Korean dateline! This one we just love, actually we reckon we’re developing a bit of fetish (can we say that, or does it come out sounding just plain weird!?!) for that wacky place of bizzare synchronisation, anachronistic socialism, overt warmongering and sadly, a starving (in more ways than one), repressed population. And let’s not forget the major cult of personality and quite frankly really bad hair styles. Oh and we’re also big fans of their super stern newscaster that reads the anti-everything-but-North Korea news with such venomous vigour that we reckon she’s going to pop an artery in her brain one of these days. Actually, we just had a little brain episode ourselves – maybe the organisers of certain air cargo events could hire her as a co-host alongside that BBC guy. Wow, what a show that would be!... Read More