October 2012

From the Editor

  • Rolling with the punches

    Two interesting developments in the aviation industry last month have given the world yet another example of just how dynamic, even in lean times such as these, that the aviation business is in Asia and the Middle East truly is.... Read More


  • A shifting cargo paradigm?

    Set against the backdrop of the ongoing depressed cargo market, massive widebody belly capacity flooding into the market over the next couple of years and a very difficult time for all-freighter operators, industry executives at the Payload Asia Conference 2012 discussed whether the current cargo paradigm is still valid. By Donald Urquhart.... Read More
  • Envirotainer sharpens Asia focus

    Envirotainer has turned a keen eye on Asia through the opening of its Asian headquarters in Singapore recently, as part of its growth strategy to tap the dynamic and rapidly growing pharmaceutical manufacturing sector across the region. By Donald Urquhart.... Read More

Belly Ache

  • Sea freight… vroom, vroom!

    Sea freight… vroom, vroom! This next story should bring some cheer to the doom and gloom of the air cargo industry as it clearly shows the, ahem, inferior nature of ocean shipping.... Read More