July 2012

Belly Ache

  • Belly Achers wish

    Before we start on this item the Belly Achers wish to issue a heartfelt apology to our readers for appearing overly shallow and somewhat sexist, because really, we’re all progressive, non-gender biased, metrosexual, sensitive and in touch with our feminine side. In fact, we suspect there may be a closet cross dresser in our midst, but that’s another story altogether.... Read More

From the Editor

  • Of fuel and emissions

    With the dire news that the world’s airlines will eek out, at best a razor thin 0.5 per cent profit margin this year, the pressure to develop sustainable biofuel for the aviation industry will certainly increase. Recent research pointed out that in 2011, spending in the US on biofuel research actually contracted 10 per cent compared to 2010, partly due to the ending of US government stimulous money, which was partly put into biofuel research.... Read More