July 2011

Cover Story

  • Turkish Cargo gains altitude

    Anyone with even a passing interest in commercial aviation can surely not help but notice the seemingly sudden rise on the global aviation stage of Turkish Airlines. In a relatively short span of time, the carrier - which dates back to 1933 - has now established a global presence and reputation for quality service - both passenger and cargo - that only last month garnered it a coveted Skytrax passenger award for 'Best European Airline'. Donald Urquhart reports.... Read More

From the Editor

  • Small can be beautiful

    In the world of big, slick and well-moneyed it's sometimes the low key, unobtrusive things that leave the most meaningful impact on one's mind.... Read More


  • Hat trick' of Asian investments for DHL Express

    Fresh from record profits of nearly €500,000 last year after finally dumping its lossmaking US domestic unit, DHL Express CEO Ken Allen could certainly be forgiven for enthusiastically breaking out in song - literally - at a recent press conference in Hong Kong marking the start of a new direct flight to the express giant's US hub in Cincinnati. Donald Urquhart has the story from Hong Kong.... Read More