December 2011 – January 2012

From the Editor

  • It’s been an odd year

    Most of the industry will likely be looking forward to the dawning of a new year, but likely with a large degree of trepidation.... Read More


Express & Mail

  • Pharma traffic expected to grow 12%

    A 12 per cent growth rate is predicted for pharmaceutical air freight over the next five years as air cargo carriers and logistics operators prioritise investment in facilities to cater for the rapidly growing pharaceutical market. In 2011 alone, the pharma logistics market is estimated to be worth €47 billion.... Read More

Ground Handling

  • Cathay tops out terminal, unveils livery

    Cathay Pacific Airways has marked the completion of the first phase of construction of its new HK$5.5 billion (US$ 706 million) Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal at Hong Kong International Airport and unveiled its new freighter.... Read More

IT & Equipment


  • Small size, but big ambitions for Lao Airlines

    Lao Airlines – the government-owned, national airline of Laos – is planning to build up its small cargo operation incrementally despite financial, facility and equipment limitations. Michael Mackey reports from Vientiane.... Read More

Belly Ache


    Do they really know where they’re flying to!? We’re not sure about you, but here at Belly Ache Central, we’re going to think twice about flying Air Asia – you see, we’re not really big fans of ending up at a destination other than the one we planned on flying to.... Read More

Cover Story

  • E-freight: Has its time come?

    It would be fair to say that things have never looked better for the much maligned, heavily criticised and quite frankly, often misunderstood, e-freight initiative.... Read More