August 2011

Cover Story

  • Toll Global Forwarding on a roll

    If you asked anyone outside of Australia or New Zealand a few years ago, chances are they would not have heard of Toll. But the company that had a rather low-key start back in 1888 supplying the mining community in the northwest of Australia, has in only a few short years become – via over half a dozen key acquisitions – a global player in the logistics and freight forwarding industry.... Read More

Belly Ache

  • Farewell Justin Bieber!

    Now we have to admit this is a bit of unprecedented move for Bellyache, we don’t ordinarily bid farewell to colleagues who have decided to turn their backs on us and head for greener pastures, but since Lou Wee seems to have made a bit of name for himself in the industry in quite a short time, we thought we’d break with protocol (actually that’s what we live for at Bellyache Central as you might have guessed!).... Read More

From the Editor

  • Clear and present danger

    The tragic crash of an Asiana Airlines freighter last month off the southern coast of South Korea is sure to once again ignite debate over the carriage of lithium batteries aboard aircraft.... Read More