June 2010

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  • 100% US screening only weeks away

    With only weeks before the looming 1 August deadline for 100 per cent screening of air cargo carried on passenger aircraft in the US, the various participants in the entire air cargo-related supply chain may have prepared in varying degrees, but pretty much all await that fateful day with some trepidation. Karen E. Thuermer reports from Washington.... Read More



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  • Managing ULD inventories

    Introduced over 40 years ago, back when the Boeing 747 was first making waves, the humble ULD has become an inextricable part of commercial wide body air transport. These sturdy, but relatively light-weight units have progressed over the years to comprise a whole range of special purpose designs and along with their growing prevalence has come the realisation of the importance of managing their inventories. Manfred Singh reports.... Read More
  • Proper ULD damage control leads to savings

    Proper ULD damage-control can lead to huge savings for airlines and such damage incidents can be reduced and controlled when ramp handling staff receives proper training, Anthony Chan, cargo services manager, Jardine Airport Services Limited (JASL) tells Wong Joon San.... Read More
  • Lightweight ULDs becoming popular with airlines

    Rising fuel costs are driving the popularity of light-weight and ultra-lightweight ULDs (unit load device) as airlines are now focusing on weight reduction because fuel and emission costs have added around 10 per cent more to total fuel costs, according to a senior executive of a major manufacturer of ULDs. Wong Joon San reports.... Read More
  • The perishables business injects profits for carriers

    With growing globalisation the perishables business has taken off, but the highly sensitive cargo — be it flowers, fruit, meat or pharmaceuticals — requires greater investment in specialised ULDs and expertise. Manfred Singh reports.... Read More




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