April 2010

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  • Freighter restraint pays off for British Airways

    While its European rivals built up big freighter fleets, British Airways World Cargo (BAWC) took a more measured approach. That has been just one factor that has enabled it to weather the recent economic storm better than its rivals, as Peter Conway reports from London.... Read More

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From the Editor


  • EVA Air accelerates from parking to expansion

    While Japan Airlines has announced its intention to stop its freighter services later this year, EVA Air Cargo’s strategy for 2010 is just the opposite as the second largest Taiwanese airline has announced plans to invest in capacity to China where yield is comparatively higher than in other areas. Wong Joon San reports.... Read More





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Ground Handling


  • A terrible year, but it could have been worse

    Despite unveiling its worst ever loss, Lufthansa Cargo takes satisfaction from a sharp fall in costs in 2009. But fuel prices paid a key factor in that, and a question mark still hangs over the carrier’s quality model. Peter Conway reports from Frankfurt.... Read More

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