May 2009

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  • YCH: On the rise in Asia

    We are well on our way to becoming the leading logistics services and supply chain management solutions company in the region, Robert Yap, chairman & CEO, YCH Group, tells Bob Gill.... Read More


  • The crusading captain

    Charismatic and passionate, Captain Gopinath made his mark on the Indian aviation market by pioneering India’s first true low cost carrier – Air Deccan – following his dream of enabling “every Indian to fly at least once in his/her lifetime”. Next on his agenda, a role in Indian politics and a new logistics business.... Read More




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  • BIAL belly flops with Cargo Village

    From outside, the rows of freshly whitewashed rooms look very much like soldiers’ barracks. On closer inspection, they are basically small rooms with a high roof, each separated at the top with a wire mesh. Welcome to the new air cargo office/warehouse facility at the Bengaluru International Airport (BIAL).... Read More





  • Jade Cargo focuses on future

    Unable to escape the impact of the global economic crisis, China’s air cargo industry has felt the pain along with the rest of the global industry, but for China-based Jade Cargo it’s a time for action.... Read More
  • China tightens grip on airline approval rules

    The heady days of China’s ‘no-holds barred’ aviation industry growth have, at least for the moment, been reduced from take-off to taxiing speed. Chinese authorities have signalled their desire to partially reign-in the growth that, despite the ongoing global downturn, still flickers within the country.... Read More
  • Northern China less affected by crisis

    The downturn of industrial production in China´s Northeast turns out to be much more moderate compared to the southern parts at Guangdong Province.... Read More
  • China Southern expands despite crisis

    While many airlines have cut back on frequencies and routes they serve, including parking their aircraft to reduce costs, China Southern Airlines has done the reverse. Instead, the airline has added several new flights to its winter-spring schedule as it confronts the global downturn which saw it post its first loss in three years.... Read More

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