March 2009

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  • Macau scrambles to off-set declining business

    Faced with not only the worldwide economic downturn but the loss of direct air links between mainland China and Taiwan, Macau International Airport is facing a serious drop in its air cargo import and export business, forcing it to take pro-active action to reverse the trend.... Read More



  • Infrastructure 6 years from int'l standards

    Although a number of air cargo terminals have been approved for construction by Indian authorities over the last few months, the country¡¯s infrastructure is expected to take between three to six years to modernise and reach international standards.... Read More
  • Indian logistics needs urgent IT investment

    Although Indian airports spend an estimated 10-15 per cent of their total revenue on IT - nearly INR 400 million (US$8 million) per annum - unless investment is stepped up, the country risks sacrificing 1-2 per cent growth.... Read More
  • India moves to bridge infrastructure gap

    Although years behind in its airport and cargo infrastructure investment, the Indian government has taken significant and bold steps to address the problem by both investing itself and freeing up the regulatory environment to allow private companies a far greater role.... Read More
  • Global crisis clips wings of domestic upstarts

    With the economic downturn sending the global air cargo industry into a tailspin, India's burgeoning domestic cargo scene has come to a virtual standstill as scores of cargo start-ups have been forced to shelve their plans. But some ambitious players have thrown caution to the wind.... Read More