February 2009

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  • Airbus pins freighter hopes on new A330-200F

    Airbus takes aim at an untapped market niche with its new mid-sized, long-range freighter as it promotes replacements, frequency improvements and new route development with what it argues is a lower risk aircraft.... Read More

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  • Airport development in the ME is BIG business

    Until the global recession kicked into high gear, the cargo side of the airline business in the Middle East was expanding at a very healthy pace with governments across the region racing to built impressive new freight infrastructure projects.... Read More
  • Gulf Air takes aim at cutting costs

    Like virtually every airline around the world grappling with the worsening financial crisis, Bahrain-based Gulf Air is seeking to contain costs by grounding its fleet of Airbus A340 long-haul jetliners and starting to hedge on fuel purchases, CEO Bjorn Naf says.... Read More
  • Dubai’s audacious new US$82B airport on track

    Despite the current economic downturn, work on Dubai’s Al Maktoum International Airport, formerly known as the Jebel Ali International Airport, continues apace with the first commercial flight expected to kick off operations by middle of this year.... Read More
  • Qatar Airways expands while others cut back

    While the world’s major airlines are cutting back capacity and parking their aircraft in the desert to cope with the impact of the global financial crisis, Qatar Airways is going against the tide by expanding its reach to SE Asia, US and Europe and sticking to a 200-aircraft expansion plan.... Read More