December 2009 – January 2010

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  • Taking Europe’s air cargo to the rails

    Call it what you will – an innovative solution, a creative opportunity, or maybe just wishful thinking – but a unique development is percolating in Europe that could have far reaching impact on the transportation industry there. In a seemingly odd marriage, trains and planes are set to begin a courtship at select European airports. Donald Urquhart has the story.... Read More

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  • Good news in harsh times for two HK GSAs

    In a year which is reeling from the negative impact of the global financial crisis, many airlines have cut capacities, parked their planes, cut frequencies and routes, while others have done just the opposite. And this is where at least two Hong Kong-based general sales agents (GSAs) have seen the potential and grown as a result. Wong Joon San has the story from Hong Kong.... Read More
  • Germany’s Cismat eyes India

    German general sales and service agent Cismat GmbH is wasting no time expanding its already healthy customer base, with a raft of new offices set to open in India and discussions ongoing with Middle East and European carriers. Heiner Siegmund reports from Frankfurt.... Read More
  • Vector Aviation confident of Asian growth

    Vietnam has been no exception to the global economic contagion and so too it is feeling the uptick in the economy which has sent shippers scrambling for air cargo capacity. For long-time GSSA, Vector Aviation, a solid market presence has translated to a healthy client list that has carried it through the crisis. Wong Joon San reports.... Read More
  • New GSA ready for Asian carriers’ entry to NA

    With the world economy hitting a near economic depression, this past year may have been one of the most challenging to start a new company. But that’s precisely what Jens Tubbesing of Airlines National Services did by forming a GSA catering especially to Asian cargo carriers, forwarders and businesses needing North American-Asian air freight coverage. Karen E. Thuermer reports from the US.... Read More

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  • Jade aims to turn Chengdu into key cargo hub

    In early December Jade Cargo inked a strategic cooperation agreement with the Chengdu Municipal Government to help turn the province into an important aviation hub for Central and Western China. The airline plans to adopt a three-prong strategy to make Chengdu Shuangliu Airport a spring-board into Europe. Wong Joon San reports from Chengdu.... Read More


  • Geodis Wilson eyes bigger market share

    International forwarding and logistics giant Geodis Wilson, which already has its roots firmly planted in Asia, is going for a bigger slice of the region’s market, banking on an 18 to 20 per cent hike in revenues over the next two years as it makes a fresh thrust into the continent. Wong Joon San reports.... Read More



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